People in all walks of life experience difficulties, which may be helped by sharing with a professionally qualified person.

Examples of need may be

  • Needing to relate more closely to others
  • Feeling stressed or under pressure at work
  • Experiencing conflicting priorities between work and home
  • Feeling tense or insecure in their relationship
  • Having difficulty in coping with their children
  • Bereaved, separated or divorced
  • Carrying heavy responsibilities
  • Feeling anxious, isolated or depressed

Sonia offers both long and short term work, and has had training in many fields including, PTSD and CBT. Sonia works flexibly using a whole variety of different trainings and skills acquired through many years of experience. Sonia believes one size hat does not fit all, and so whilst following the psychodymanic model she is able to work supportively, psychoanalytically and integratively.

An initial consultation, for which there is a fee, can normally be arranged within a few days.

Sessions available in Saxmundham practice or at the Ipswich, Woodbridge, and Wickham Market practices.

All enquiries are confidential.

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