I have read that I am in the category (42%) that saw the dress as black and blue, (which apparently are the true colours). The rest (52%) saw the dress as white and gold. I am not sure what happened to the remaining 6% maybe they never got caught up in all of it.

I was intrigued to see the dress because in some ways it reminded me  of something I have written about before, which has to do with the fact that we all see things differently. Now of course there is a scientific reason for seeing the dress another way, (It has to do with light coming into our eyes), which again I liked symbolically and I leave you to make your own interpretation there.

The thing is we will all see things in a way that is pertinent to us, because our experiences colour our thinking and feeling.

For example yesterday listening to Desert Island Discs I heard a lawyer being interviewed. He was a black human rights lawyer and I was very intrigued by what he said. One of the stories he told was of sitting in a court room waiting for his young (white) client, when the judge walked in. He addressed Bryan Stevenson saying, “Hey you, you are not allowed in here, go outside and wait for your lawyer”.

Bryan Stevenson stood up and apologised for not introducing himself, apparently the judge laughed, yes laughed, not apologised.

Bryan Stevenson’s explanation was simple, black people are still judged to be the ones that get into trouble. The facts he cited were very disheartening, 85% of black people on death row.

So I guess the point I am making is that of course we will all see things in our own way,  but if we can remain open to the various shades, see the differing hues, allow more light into our eyes, and not judge that our way is the best or only way, then maybe just maybe there is hope for change.

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