Being a city girl originally it is always lovely to see the season changing and drive along the narrow country lanes to visit Sonia. This week I noticed that the farmers had been along and cleared the verges. All the de-leafed hedges were chopped neatly and all the ghosts of nettles past had been cleared. And where the abundance of rose bay and cow parsley had been I could see the ground. I could see the ditches and I thought how I hadn’t noticed them before and how easily I could have driven into them without knowing until it was too late and I was stuck and needing a tow out.

It made me smile firstly because I felt safer knowing where they were and secondly because I compared it to my sessions with Sonia. Together we have been working to clear the overgrown thoughts in my head. And now that we have cut away a lot of muddle I can see the deep, dark ditches that I had been sitting in. We haven’t filled the ditches in because they are part of who I am, but I can see them now and if I do wander too close to the edges I have my tow ropes ready.

Thank you Sonia.

The above was sent to me by an ex patent, and is published with their permission. It is always lovely to be thanked, to be acknowledged and appreciated in whatever it is we do. So thank you too, to those of you who have sent me cards for Xmas.

I wish you all a peaceful and healthy New Year.

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