Can this really happen, can one die from a broken heart?
We have all heard of elderly couples who have been married 50 sometimes 60 plus years. They live together in old age and then something happens to one of them. They fall or have a heart attack and sadly die, and then shortly after the other partner will die too.
So why should that happen, is it really dying from a broken heart?
Well yes …… and no. Clearly a heart cannot physically be broken but perhaps we have all experienced the pain at some time in our lives when we feel that nothing will ever be the same again, our hearts ache, it feels as if our hearts are broken.
And I suspect this is what happens with elderly couples, and then perhaps feeling so low their auto immune responses become less good, they succumb to some virus or other and then shortly after they too die. A GP on radio 4 was commenting on just this phenomenon in a programme a short while ago.
I have mixed feelings about the sadness of this. Some part of me feels it must be so disorientating to be left on your own after all that time, their lives have become so entwined it must feel as if there is no separation between them, – they have become as one, and so a part of me feels this may be the kindest future for both of them.
Dying from a broken heart or dying from natural causes, …….. which is it?

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