Habitual ways of behaving are often useful in that they help to free our minds for other things. But if we always find ourselves getting upset when someone teases or angry when overtaken on the road, it may be worth looking at why that might be.

Starting to let go of the habits we unconsciously carry around with us is liberating; we can’t change the past but we can change the way we respond to events in the present.

Liberation day is what I call that moment when we recognise we can have control over our lives and make choices about our responses rather than reacting instinctively and without thought.

Recognising our thoughts and feelings helps us to learn how to think and become more conscious. With consciousness we can create change and the way we always behave can, with practice, become a thing of the past.

And so  we can recognise that we do have choices and become  liberated from habitual unconscious and unwanted patterns of behaviour.

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