I have found this year to be a huge melting pot of emotions. Personally my life has been very good, but the loss of lives and the devastation all around has been tragic beyond words.

We are all human beings and to find compassion in our hearts is so very hard particularly if we feel we have been wronged.

But how else to go forwards? If we stay with anger in our hearts we remain stuck and we harm no one more than ourselves.

I received some poems for the winter solstice this morning, – ┬áthe following is one small part but it sums up what I wish and hope for us all in the coming year.


How we long to believe these stories

like literal shards out of history,

But our constant rebirth

individual or all humankind

Depends on the wisdom

we gain from these tales:

That they speak not like pottery dug up from the past,

but as eternal containers for

our constant experience.

Ian Cameron



With all good wishes to each and everyone


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