If by any chance you read this blog regularly you will know that I use dreams frequently in my work and that I believe they can help people understand what our unconscious already knows.

Some time ago a patient told me that for many years he had had a repetitive dream. Now repetitive dreams are really interesting because it is like a nag who keeps on going until we take notice.

This was the repetitive dream:-

My patient was at school, the next lesson was PE and so he went to his locker. Sometimes he couldn’t open his locker and on the occasions when he could the PE kit was either dirty or missing.

After we had been working together for a few sessions things seemed to shift and he brought in a variation on the original.

Once again he was getting changed for PE. He was told that all the lockers had been moved around and so he tried in vain to open various lockers. Then he decided to go back to his original locker, put his key in and hey presto the locker opened. Looking inside he thought he didn’t have enough kit and asked to borrow some from his friends. However when he looked in his locker again he noticed he was wearing his kit and didn’t need to borrow any after all. The only thing he really needed was a deodorant but just as he was about to use a borrowed one he found his own tucked down the side of his kit bag.

I think this is a rather beautiful dream and certainly my patient felt excited by it. And it is after all his dream and not mine and so his feelings prevail.

He appears to have found a key and opened something up; his unconscious.

Initially he discovered a lack of care, love and attention but when he looked again found that there was in fact enough; he was loved but had not been able to see it due to the way the love was presented to him. Having recognised this it was as if he could let go of something.

It will be interesting to see if this dream comes back but for the moment the patient feels he has understood something and this understanding is the start of the work.


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