I have problems with my knees; I have had problems since my early 20’s when I injured one knee through running and the other through skiing. This has affected my feet as well and so recently I sought help and went to have some orthotics fitted.

The orthotics looked and felt fine in my wellies but were not comfortable in my trainers. Believing that if I trusted in the process I could come out the other side I persisted in wearing them. Two very large heel blisters later I have come through and can now wear the orthotics in my trainers resulting in my knees feeling more stable.

The point is that to create a change there may be some pain along the road. It may feel uncomfortable and not right but if you can persist, short term pain can create long term gain.

You may say this is physical not emotional pain and this blog is about emotional issues, and I would say yes and no. The physical pain often has an emotional component and so whilst they are different they are also the same.

Therapy is a process. There may be some bumps along the road, you may have to cover some rough terrain and it may hurt and not feel right but if you persist you may eventually find yourself walking with more comfort.

One of my patients put the results of the process beautifully saying;

“I am now at ease with myself”.

In other words his shoes now fit.

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